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5 Important Benefits of Special Needs Dental Care

5 Important Benefits of Special Needs Dental Care

When your child has special needs, going to the dentist can feel like a difficult task. Dental visits can be challenging for any child, and even more barriers can be present for a child with special needs.

Happily, by seeing a dentist or orthodontist who is specialized and experienced in pediatric special needs dental care, like Staci Brunell, DMDGina Gill, DMD, and Priyanka Patel, DMD, from Yorktown Pediatric Dentistry in Yorktown Heights, New York, your child can get the dental care they need. Discover five important benefits of special needs dental care.

What is special needs dental care?

Special needs dental care ensures all children have the same access to dental care. If your child has physical, developmental, emotional, behavioral, or other special needs, our team works with you to learn more about your child and find a treatment plan that works.

Our office is completely accessible, and our providers are all specially trained in working with a wide variety of children. They keep your child comfortable and relaxed during the visit while providing high-quality dental care.

5 benefits of special needs dentistry

If your child has any special needs, consider these five benefits of special needs dental care.

1. Tailored to meet your child’s needs

It can be easy to avoid the dentist when accessing dental care is more difficult and stressful for your child. Dental care that is tailored to meet your child’s needs makes it easier for them, and you, to look forward to dental cleanings and establishing lifelong habits of visiting the dentist regularly.

2. Keeps your child calm during dental treatment

If your child is anxious, has trouble sitting still, or has other behavioral or emotional needs, our team is specially trained to help keep them feel calm and reassured during dental treatments.

If your child needs additional support remaining calm, we use gentle nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to safely help them remain relaxed.

3. Maintains your child’s safety at the highest levels possible

When your child is unpredictable with their behaviors and movements or has special physical needs, keeping them safe around dental equipment can be a concern. Our team is experienced in using techniques that keep your child safe without physical restraints.

We also avoid using sedation for basic dental procedures, instead using the safer nitrous oxide if your child needs additional support.

4. Includes support from our entire team

Our entire team is here to listen to your children’s special needs and develops a personalized treatment plan to ensure your child can access the same dental care as every child. We value communicating with you and listening to your recommendations of what works best.

5. Teaches your child about everyday dental care

Special needs dental care goes beyond keeping your child comfortable in the office. They might also need assistance with brushing, flossing, and doing other daily dental or orthodontic care.

During your child’s appointments, our team can teach you and your child what works to keep their teeth healthy between appointments.

No matter what special needs your child has, our team is committed to ensuring they maintain healthy teeth while having a pleasant experience at the dentist. Contact us to make a dental appointment for your special needs child.

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