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3 Benefits of Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry

If you have a special needs child, they might need their dental visits to look different. With special needs pediatric dentistry, your child gets quality pediatric dental care in a comfortable way.

At Yorktown Pediatric Dentistry in Yorktown Heights, New York, Staci Brunell, DMD, Priyanka Patel, DMD, and Gina Gill, DMD, are trained extensively in special needs pediatric dentistry and orthodontics and deeply committed to ensuring all children receive quality dental care. Learn 3 benefits your child gets during special needs dental care.

Understanding special needs pediatric dentistry

Our team considers every child we see to be special. Special needs pediatric dentistry ensures your child gets the dental and orthodontic treatment they need while remaining comfortable visiting the dental office.

Special needs pediatric dentistry is appropriate for any child who experiences additional barriers in accessing dental appointments or caring for their teeth. Examples of children who might benefit include children who have:

If your child has a diagnosis that makes dental visits more challenging, or you suspect your child might need additional support, our team would love to talk to you more about your child and how we can help. Our team can tailor any dental or orthodontic visit to your child.

Three benefits of special needs pediatric dentistry

There are many advantages to accessing special needs pediatric dentistry. Three of the biggest benefits are:

1. A comprehensive treatment plan

Our team understands that all children have different needs, which is even more important when your child has special needs. We make a thorough plan that helps your child receive successful dental and orthodontic care while feeling comfortable at the dentist's office.

Treatment plans can include measures such as:

Our team brings an encouraging, warm, and compassionate approach to working with your child during any dental visit as part of any treatment plan. We modify the plan as needed as your child’s needs change.

2. Advice tailored to your child

All children develop differently, and some special needs can change our advice about your child. For example, some children with special needs get permanent teeth later than most other children, or your child might be at higher risk for tooth decay because of a lowered immune system, medications they take, or more difficulty brushing and flossing teeth.

Our team might give tailored advice like suggesting you help your child with teeth brushing or reminding them to brush or floss, until an older age. Some children with some physical and other conditions might always need someone else to brush and floss for them.

If your child’s condition makes eating a healthy diet more difficult, our team offers customized advice to help your child eat teeth and gum-friendly foods. No matter what your child needs, our team is always available to assist with advice and support between appointments.

3. Positive dental visits

Special needs dental care helps your child feel happier and calmer during dental visits. Dental visits become a positive experience, rather than something you and your child dread, and help your child establish a dental routine they can keep for life.

From start to finish, our team uses your child’s treatment plan to make every dental visit go well. Our team is highly trained in communication and techniques for children with special needs and their parents.

As part of our commitment to offering welcoming and comprehensive dental care for all children, special needs dentistry visits cost the same as any other visit, even if visits take longer or require special equipment. If you’d like to discuss setting up a dental or orthodontic visit for your child with special needs, contact us now.

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