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What to Expect At Your Child's First Dental Cleaning 

What to Expect At Your Child's First Dental Cleaning 

Your child’s first teeth come in more quickly than you’d think. Once your child gets that first tooth, or they turn one year old, whichever comes first, they’re ready for their first visit to the dentist.

The first visit to the dentist is a new experience for you and your child. Discover what you can expect at your child's first dental cleaning from pediatric dentists Staci Brunell, DMD, and Priyanka Patel, DMD, at Yorktown Pediatric Dentistry in Yorktown Heights, New York. 

Scheduling your child’s first visit

You should schedule your child’s first dental visit by the time they turn one year old. If your child gets their first tooth before turning one, our team can see your child then.

When you schedule your child’s first visit at Yorktown Pediatric Dentistry, let our team know this is your child’s first visit to the dentist. Our team asks for details about your child's age, dental, and overall health.

If your child has any special needs, let us know at this time so we can help your child be as comfortable as possible during the visit. You should also let us know if your child is on any medications.

Before the dental appointment

Depending on your child's age, you can start preparing them for the appointment. If your child is older, you can explain, in cheerful tones, the basics of what happens at a dental appointment and why it’s important for them to go.

You can prepare children of all ages, including infants, by ensuring they’re fed and well-rested before the appointment. Our team finds seeing young children in the morning helps them be the most rested and calm for appointments.

You can also prepare yourself for the appointment by formulating any questions you have for our dentists. Plan calming techniques for yourself to stay as relaxed as possible during your child’s visit.

During the appointment

Our compassionate and professional team ensures your child is as comfortable as possible during their visit. You remain in the room with your child for the entire visit, and your child can sit on your lap or hold a stuffed animal if it helps them relax.

During the visit, which can take up to 45 minutes, our team thoroughly examines your child’s gums and mouth to ensure they’re healthy and developing as expected. If your child has teeth, we also might engage in a gentle cleaning. 

A gentle cleaning uses teeth cleaning instruments to get rid of plaque and tartar and removes any stains on the teeth. After any cleaning, our team shows you how to clean your child’s teeth best.

Our team provides guidance for the general care of your child’s mouth. This includes advising on cleaning, diet, fluoride, and what you can expect as your child ages.

Next steps

Our team recommends most children visit the dentist every six months. Depending on your child’s age, we recommend a dental cleaning and a complimentary well-baby visit if your child is under 2.

Between appointments, keep following our team's advice for your child’s oral care. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact us now to schedule your child’s first dental visit.

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