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5 Reasons Your Child Should Have a Dental Cleaning and Exam Twice a Year

5 Reasons Your Child Should Have a Dental Cleaning and Exam Twice a Year

Visiting the pediatric dentist is about more than just getting cavities filled. If your child has healthy teeth, the majority of their visits to Yorktown Pediatric Dentistry in Yorktown Heights, New York, will be preventive in nature.

By having your child attend their recommended dental cleaning and exam twice annually, you help keep their teeth as healthy as possible and set them up for positive lifelong dental habits. Find out below from pediatric dentist Staci Brunell, DMD, why your child should visit the dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning and exam.

1. Get a more thorough cleaning than you can do at home

At your child’s dental cleaning appointment, our team uses an instrument called a scaler, which is a small metal instrument, to clean your child’s teeth. This instrument effectively removes plaque and tartar.

After the removal process, our team uses a special high-powered toothbrush to brush your child’s teeth. They follow this with polish and fluoride treatment.

Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth at home is extremely important, but you aren’t able to clean your child’s teeth as well as professional equipment does. Twice-annual cleanings enhance what you’re already doing twice a day at home with your child.

2. Get peace of mind about your child’s teeth

Before your child’s teeth cleaning, our providers perform an exam to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy. This exam includes a visual inspection, and if needed, X-rays.

If your child has no cavities, this exam gives peace of mind that your current dental care is working for your child. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about maintaining your child’s healthy teeth and diet.

3. Address health problems early

When your child does have cavities, coming in twice a year means our dentists catch the cavity early before it becomes too serious. This makes filling the cavity a shorter and easier procedure and gives your child a better likelihood of good future dental outcomes.

At the exam, our team can also advise you on whether your child might need orthodontics or recommend other procedures like sealants. Good dental health means good overall health for your child, which makes early detection all the more important.

4. Get your child comfortable visiting the dentist

Visiting the dentist can be scary for younger children. Regularly visiting our caring, child-oriented pediatric dental team gets your child comfortable with the dentist from a young age.

If your child only visits the dentist for cavity fillings and other treatments, they can associate the dentist with getting procedures they dislike. By visiting primarily for preventive visits, they see the dentist as a positive place where they get praise for their clean teeth and good dental habits.

5. Start good dental habits from a young age

By taking your child to the dentist twice a year for cleanings, you make dental health a priority for your child from a young age. They’re more likely to continue to go to dental cleanings and exams as adults.

A dental cleaning and exam is a simple procedure that only takes between 60-90 minutes twice a year and makes a significant impact on your child’s health. If your child is due for a dental cleaning and exam, contact us to schedule one.

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